5 Fictional Characters



I love fiction, regardless of form. It may be a TV show, it may be a book, I’ll probably read or watch it. I’ve even listened to radio productions. Fiction is an escape but it is also a method of imparting lessons. If we’re lucky, we get to know characters that leave a positive impact on us. For this Five Friday, I’m going to talk about 5 Fictional Characters that are positive influences, to me at least.

1. Leslie Knope

Parks and Recreation is my ringtone for a good reason. You know how there are eternal optimists, people who are Type A and never give up? Leslie Knope belongs to that breed of people. She treats her job like it is the most important position in the world, she tries hard for her community, she loves her friends (Galentines Day people) and she cares unreservingly. If we all could be more like Leslie Knope, we’d be a better off. And who can fault someone who loves waffles?

2. Elle Woods

I love Elle Woods. I watched Legally Blonde when I was 10 years old and I have admired her ever since. She made her way from being a sorority girl to graduating Harvard while kicking her “please take me back” ex to the curb. She’s as ‘girly’ as you can get and she kicks ass, regardless. I really like how they portrayed her. She worked hard to get to the top, making no excuses. We should all strive to be like her.

3. Scott McCall

I know that the main character from Teen Wolf didn’t seem like he would belong on this list but Scott is the most honest character on TV, ever. He loves him mother, he works hard in school, he tries his best to help everyone. That’s a true hero, a true Alpha. Scott is trusting and looks for the best in people. It’s rare to find a character who’s this ‘naive’ in a way, but is so genuine. That’s a heart we all need sometimes, a heart that seeks out the good in everything.

4. Gina Lenetti

Gina from Brooklyn Nine-Nine is chaotic, crazy and may not always have the best work ethic, but what I admire in her is the fact that she OWNS all that. She wears crazy clothes sometimes, she’s a tad obnoxious but Gina looks out for her own. She’s thrifty, she’s confident she understands the people she works with, she knows what she’s doing. People may call her nuts but she doesn’t care: she’s true to herself, even if other people may not approve.

5. John Dorian

J.D. from Scrubs is the doctor I want to be. J.D. cares. He cares a lot, he looks out for his patients, he takes time to talk to them. He admits when he makes a mistake, he’s a crazy best friend but a great doctor. I hope to have as much passion as he does for his work when I graduate. Who wouldn’t want J.D. to be their doctor?

Did any of my 5 characters make your lists? Comment below or tweet me at @hicklory. Have a great weekend!


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