Things today

1. I finally used my Lilly Pulitzer agenda to plan out my next 2 months. It felt good. I used the stickers! I love stickers. Stickers are da bomb.

2. I got called pretty by a patient. That was nice.

3. I lied at bedside teaching that I examined the patient but I didn’t, and I got caught. I had to buy my tutor a drink. Yup. That happened. And goodness, no, it was not one-on-one.

4. I made a terrible joke about poisoning that same tutor. That was awkward. I need to not do that.

5. I slept in because I was exhausted from yesterday, hence the lack of a blog post. I could have actually slept in longer.

6. I managed to finish a whole loaf of bread, BY MYSELF in the past 5 days ending today. yay me.

7. Another pigeon decided to sit in the middle of the road. I don’t think this one was shot. It literally walked over and sat right in the path of my friend’s car. I tried shooing it but it refused to move. Don’t think it injured. We drove over it, but not in the ‘squish the bird’ sort of way. It just kept sitting there. I swear, the pigeons in JB are ballsy.



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