New book!

My internet is terrible right now. I think it’s partly to do with the repainting of the building and the installation of new fiber optic cables. My apartment building is attempting to rev up the place by allowing a different internet provider, so fingers crossed, I’ll get better internet than what I have right now. I kid you not, sometimes you change angles and there is no internet service.

I thought I’d let you all see the book I bought. I mentioned this site a while back, Big Girls, Small Kitchen. It’s my go-to site for looking up new recipes to make. The main author is Cara Eisenpress and she has a knack for making each post approachable. As a fan of the movie, Julie and Julia, I am ALL for trying new recipes. It’s simple but really good. I have yet to make something from there that has turned out badly. So, go check it out. Anyway, after being a fan of the recipes for a few years, I decided to purchase the cook book from Amazon. The book arrived slightly worn and had a tear, but then again, this was printed in 2011, so clearly the maintenance at Amazon isn’t great. I don’t think I purchased it at a big discount or as the ‘used’ version either. So, boohoo, Amazon, I am not pleased. But the content itself is great, the photographs beautifully laid out. You know how people buy cook books and use them as coffee table books? I don’t think I’ll do that to this one. It’ll probably end up smudgy, with bits of sauce and floor on certain pages once I start using it.

I intend to cook the ‘bigger’ dishes during my year-end holidays. Hopefully, I can start with simpler ones in my small kitchen here in Johor too. 🙂



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