a long day

Today has been exhausting. I went for ward rounds, clerked patients till half past 11am. Then, I crashed another bedside at 2pm till 4pm, waited in the wards for my bedside which was postponed till 6pm. I got back at 8pm, went for a quick dinner at McD and was done at 9pm. I am exhausted.

Not that anyone truly cares about the woes of being a certain group, my fried Lyn is talking to me and the other 2 group mates but she isn’t talking to my housemate. Hah. Is it terrible that I don’t quite mind the whole drama as long as I am out of it? It is isn’t it? But I frankly don’t care as long as the group dynamic, per se, isn’t completely ruined. As long as she’s talking to me, I’m good.

Yes, yes, I’m a terrible friend. But let’s put it this way, in a professional working environment, not everyone gets along. However, you must always put on your best face to get through these things. Act like nothing is wrong, be professional and polite, regardless of your own personal grudges.

In other news, I really want to have a plant in my room. I don’t know why but I have this desperate need to have a small potted plant on my table or something. A cactus perhaps. Now, where can I get one in Johor Baru?




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