I’m not a Fashionista but


What may surprise people about me, because of how I normally dress, is that I actually like fashion and beauty. I may not look it but I enjoy clothes and dressing up. Unfortunately, that’s not always easy when you’re not the average size of the people your age in the same country. Clothes are scarce or really expensive. Such a travesty no? It’s terrible that people forget that everyone wants to look good.

What comes to mind when you see someone who wears make-up and dresses up for daily life?

It used to be a popular concept that these people who put in effort would be deemed as ‘superficial’ or ‘vain’ or ‘shallow’. I used to subscribe to that belief. I used to look at those sort of girls and think ‘Wow, you must preen in front of the mirror just for attention’. But growing older has taught me that I was so wrong. People dress to look good because they want to feel good. Some people love wearing slightly fancier clothes or styling their hair or wearing make-up because they like it.

Part of this understanding started because of my own sudden desire to dabble into this world. I watch a lot of Project Runway, On the Line, the Behind the Scenes with (Insert the name of a designer here). If you check  the blogs I follow on my Bloglovin account, I dare say more than half are fashion/beauty related. So yes, lots of research, watching tutorials, following beauty blogs has shown me that there is a lot of effort to look ‘effortless’. It is no joke spending half an hour just putting up your hair in the right top knot. It is exhausting finding the right foundation to match your skin tone, applying it correctly and then contouring your face, putting on eyeliner in just the right way, concealing any blemishes, using shimmery powder to illuminate your face so that the light hits you in the right way. It is a LOT of work. No one does it unless they like it.

One of the most popular tips for success is to ‘dress for the life you want, not for the life you’re leading’. This doesn’t always mean you have to reach beyond your own financial capabilities. Just ironing your clothes, putting together something that looks more professional, deciding to change your hairstyle.. those little things can go a long way. And if you’re able to, buy a staple piece that can be worked into many looks. I’m no expert but that’s the advice you read and hear everywhere.

Sure, the fashion world may be ‘superficial’ by placing unfair standards and charging a hundred dollars, sometimes thousands on an item of clothing but we can never forget that fashion is a form of art. It’s meant to be extravagant and ridiculous at some points. Humans are themselves intricate works of art, why shouldn’t we be allowed to seek beauty?

I’m not saying that you have to dress up. I’m not saying external beauty trumps all. I’m saying that if you want to put your toe into the pond, go ahead. There should be not stigma associated with wanting to take a lot more time to make yourself look a certain way if it helps you feel better about yourself.


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