I have never been happier to see a damn 15/20.

I interviewed a nice man, a bit talkative, being 66 and all but it wasn’t as stressful as I predicted it to be. My tutor was quite supportive throughout the interview process (an unusual scenario because normally they don’t prompt you) and we discussed the case after. As usual, I was a ball of anxiety in the morning. You can imagine the euphoria I felt when I saw how much I got. This is the same tutor that made people cry, not because he’s mean but because he grades really strictly. I either caught him in the best mood ever, or he has a soft spot for me because he used to be my PBL tutor, or I did well in general. Thank you God! And thank you to all of you who have kindly supported me through it. I’m just grateful it’s over.

I spent the afternoon wisely, cleaning my room, cleaning the rest of the apartment and finally doing some exercise. It feels good to actually do things properly once in a while. I just pray for the endurance to ‘stay good’.

Speaking of prayer, today is the 47th anniversary of my grandfather’s death and the anniversary of the horror that was 9/11. Every year I pray a rosary for him and for them. It’s always a little chilling today, especially when you forget the date and only notice it when you check the calendar. I am often terrible with dates that way.

I’m starting to ramble. It’s almost midnight here and I’m a bit drugged up with an anti-histamine that has sedative properties. Good night dear world. I hope you all have a wonderful day.


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