Today was a bit of a strange day for me. This morning, while we were seated at the waiting area of the dermatology clinic, this complete stranger struck up a conversation with me. No, not my Prince Charming but this funny old man. He started by asking me which university we were from and ended up going from ‘my son is studying in USM’ to problems with the Malaysian government, to his own plight with the Transport Department due to some paperwork when he tried to sell his car.

It was a good half hour.

My other group mates were kinda amazed that I lasted that long. But what can you do when someone wants to talk? I didn’t mind it so much though I admit it kinda threw me off. I did not expect to be addressed in the morning, complained to and commented on this morning. 

Like I said, it was a strange day.

Dermatology is pretty interesting. This is our second and last week in this posting and so far we’ve seen different kinds of psoriasis, different kinds of eczema, leprosy that’s being treated and urticaeria aka hives. You have to admire the skill with which dermatologist deal with their patients. They look at a lesion and more or less, instantly know what it is. I wish I could have the same brain power. It is pretty amazing. And all their follow-up patients know a lot about their medication, which is impressive to see.

The main lesson for great skin? Moisturiser and proper suncare. Make sure you wear the right sun-screen or sun-block and don’t forget to reapply it after 2 hours. 

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