5 YouTube Channels



I spent a whole lotta time on YouTube. I watch YouTube webseries, I follow some vlogs, I watch medical related videos. I don’t post anything myself but it’s a form of TV for me. I thought for this Five Friday, I’d list out five channels that you could possibly be interested in. I believe some of these YouTubers are known worldwide and are huge hits already, but perhaps you have not heard of some of them.

Here we go, in no particular order:

Anna Akana
YouTube, Twitter

I’m pretty sure you’ve seen the How to Put On Your Face video. It is probably one of her most famous videos to date but it is one of the many great ones Anna has made. She’s directed, written and starred in some of her own shorts, showing how multitalented she is. Here’s one of my personal favourite videos:

Blimey Cow
YouTube, Twitter

If you don’t know Blimey Cow, you’re probably not on Tumblr that often. Or own an account. Or been on YouTube. Their work is just really popular. Created by 2 brothers (Josh and Jordan), these videos usually go viral really fast. Among their popular uploads are those related to being homeschooled or their parodies of church Youth Groups. Here’s one of the videos that I completely relate to:

The Girls With Glasses
YouTube, Twitter

Summer Bellessa and Brooke White bring you The Girls with Glasses show, a lifestyle-esque channel where they do DIYs, talk about stuff that really matters and go thrift shopping. It’s a neat little channel that’s filled with fun, relatable girl-y stuff. The dynamic between Summer and Brooke reminds me of the good girlfriends I have, which is probably the reason I like their stuff so much. Here’s their theme song video aka the best song ever:

YouTube, Twitter

Taylor is definitely YouTube famous. Her make-up tutorial videos are legendary (and are genuinely good), her artwork is gorgeous and she’s genuinely funny. I’m sure you’ve seen the Thigh Gap video or the Feminist Make-Up tutorial (check those out if you have not). Due to school, she hasn’t been able to post as much but her older videos are still good watches. Here’s my favourite:

The Merry Pedesterian
YouTube, Twitter

Abigail Doris is an artist from Canada and one of the more thoughtful YouTubers I follow. She may not have many followers but her videos are thought provoking and make me want to take up walking. I really like the way she crafts her words in just the right way and accompanies them with serene music, and the beautiful landscape of Canada. I first watched some of her work a while back when one of my Tumblr friends posted one of her videos and I’ve been a fan ever since. I really like this one:

So, there you have it. Five YouTube channels I totally recommend. Hope you check them out. 🙂


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