I saw my old counselor, my old Sunday school teacher and the music coordinator for the 2 musicals I was a part of in church yesterday.

I met my two favourite people ever for brunch.

I bumped into a friend I have not seen since I was 15 years old.

It was a day of mild nostalgia. I see people that I wouldn’t normally see when I’m in JB and each situation made me react differently. I was definitely more comfortable with my best friends while I became a whole lot more self-conscious in the other 2.

Maybe it’s just me but does anyone else want to avoid seeing ‘blasts from the past’ because you feel like you’re not evolved as much, evolved in a good way I mean, from where you were when you last saw them? I avoid going back to my old schools for that reason. I avoid seeing old teachers because I don’t think I have proven my worth just yet. I always tell myself “One day, I’ll be much better and then, I’ll go back and be able to hold my head up.”

Yeah right.

I guess it goes to show that no matter how comfortable you think you are in your own skin, there’s always a part of you that doesn’t think you’re quite there yet.


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