I spent a whole day without people around me. I only went out once, to buy Milo, chips and raisins (no, I had real food for meals, the snacks are for Doctor Who tomorrow). I watched shows in bed, I cleaned up a bit more, did the laundry and not much else. 

I am alone.

And that’s okay.

There’s a difference between being alone and being lonely. You can be with people and completely lonely, just as you can be alone and fine. Those two are mutually exclusive, though not necessarily so.

I like being alone. I’m mostly introverted, so being alone suits me. I’m not necessarily a big fan of lonely but I like alone. He and I get along well. Today, I didn’t feel the need to have friends around, talk to people in particular or go look for something with company. I was good just being by myself. When I go back for the holidays, I usually am alone. Sure, I have my beautiful four legged friends but in general, I’m people-less for most of the day. I have gotten used to Alone.

Being alone is good sometimes. When you’re in medical school, you spend almost 100% of your time surrounded by lecturers, colleagues, hospital staff or patients. There isn’t much ‘alone’. But you can get really lonely. I often feel that way. You have all these people who talk to you, people you actually communicate with on a daily basis but you’re sometimes starved of a connection. 

I am grateful for this alone time because then, I can connect with me. That’s probably the most important relationship aside from the one you have with the supernatural being of your choice. Connecting with YOU, that’s tough, especially when you have so many voices around that demand your attention.

Being alone helps with that. Try it out. Be alone and I mean, completely alone for a few hours or a day or a weekend, if possible. Take that time, be alone with you, and see what you find.


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