So, the pilot for Selfie came out less than 24 hours ago. Here’s the tweet to prove it, here’s the link to actually watch it online, legally.


Screen Shot 2014-08-21 at 8.53.54 PM


This show is a retelling of Pygmalion, the famous play by George Bernard Shaw, more famously known as the musical My Fair Lady. Karen Gillan (of Doctor Who fame) plays Eliza Dooley, a social media obsessed sales person and Henry Higgins is played by John Cho, the head marketer of the same company. Basically, she ends up majorly screwing up and asks to be remade. 

Have you ever experienced that? The need to remake yourself?

I know I have. I get these urges to fix myself or to fix my room, my life, my anything. And I want to do something major each time. I want to cut my hair or start a new project. Something. Sometimes I actually do it, like when I painted my room or painted the house. I love remaking things.

There is such a lovely sense of accomplishment when you renew yourself. I love the feeling. It makes you feel like you have a clean slate. And who doesn’t like a clean start to anything?

I have this weekend free from my housemates. Yes, I shall be home alone. And I love it. I can pretend that this place is all mine. Ridiculous, I know but there’s something so freeing but being alone. I can sit outside beside the modem and have excellent internet, I can workout and run around the house, instead of being confined to my room. I CAN CLEAN my room and the kitchen without having to worry that my housemates would be bothered by the noise.

This weekend, I’m thoroughly cleaning and scrubbing everything. I’m probably going to cook most of my meals, unless I decide to skip (ha ha). I shall wash my sheets, rearrange my room, vaccuum. I know, I’m weird for loving to clean stuff. 

I’m going back next weekend. And I think I will get that haircut. Maybe this time, I’ll be brave enough to get more than an inch chopped off. I have this urge to start anew. I can start that process tomorrow evening. I am very excited.


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