I had a good day. 

I went to church for the Feast of the Assumption, alone at 6am. I came back, blasted Taylor Swift for my neighbours to hear and followed Melanie to her dental appointment at UH. We had lunch, went to her place and where we met up with Jessica, who was a dear and brought a few slices of cake. Then Mel had to go to work so Jess and I went for chai lattes (well, I had a chai latte while she had coffee) and talked for a few hours till she had to go back.

I love my friends. I know it’s not the most orthodox form of birthdays but I enjoyed this. It was far better than being home alone, since my family is working. It was a fruitful day: I did the laundry, I spent time with my favourite people and I finally got my stuff from ASOS. I got this dress and this skirt which are currently hanging from the wash. 

Jess got me this book that I look forward to reading: 

I had a good day. It’s one of the rare ones.


2 thoughts on “22

  1. Really glad that you had a good time. 🙂 Love that dress and skirt you got from ASOS! Wear it h next time we meet up, hehe. Let me know how you find the book too! I flipped through a bit and seems like Gilbert used a slightly different writing style than she did for EPL , then again that was her memoir. Hopefully it’s a great book. 🙂


    1. I will definitely let you know about the book. I look forward to meeting up again. 🙂 It was so nice to spend a day with you and Mel. Thanks for making time for me. xx


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