Today the world found out that Robin Williams passed away. COD? Suicide, allegedly. Do you know that suicide isn’t an issue of ‘the young’? High rates of suicide are seen in the elderly. Women are twice as likely as men. These statistics mean something. I hate it when people push depression aside because it is so serious.

Going of on a tangent, isn’t it terrible that there is simply so much sadness in the world right now? So much hate, so much war, so much hurting of yourself and hurting of others? It’s enough to make you lose hope in humanity.

There is the war waged on the people of Iraq by ISIS.  (I would be surprised if you have not heard of it. It’s such a terrible, terrible state of affairs. I feel physically sick thinking of the horrors those people face. The crucifixions, the murders, the rape, the slaughter (literal, slaughter as though they were animals) of children, women and men. This is an echo of the Boko Haram that robbed families of their daughters in Nigeria.)

There is the war in Gaza while the world condemns the retaliation of Israel, a country continuously persecuted by the lands that surround it. (Seriously, if you don’t know this one, you must truly be blind to all forms of the media)

There is the war in Ukraine. So many people being hurt, so many unnecessary deaths.

Can you think of all the pain in the world that goes unnoticed? Can you think of all the possible persecutions that never make it to light because of public policies of covering things up?

What is wrong with the world?

How can we stand for this monstrous ways? While the eyes of the world mostly remain in Gaza, what about the genocide occurring in Iraq? They are literally driving people out of a town that has predated Islam or Christianity. Can you imagine being told to leave or be killed? And even if you run, they come after you? This is like Hitler all over again. This is sickening, the worst of mankind. Are you kidding me?

Why would anyone do horrifying things like this? Why would anyone be driven to insanity this way?

I don’t understand this anger. I don’t understand the resentment people have for other races. I don’t understand why we would need to kill other people, hurt other people, belittle them, just to prove a point. I don’t understand so much of this.

Truly, the fall of humanity is ourselves. Not global warming, or an asteroid, or something wholly unexplained. It’s the way we hate and hurt each other.


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