that George Michael song


The Sunday Gospel reading in church yesterday was Peter and Jesus on the Lake of Galilee. You know the one, where Jesus meets the disciples while they’re out in a storm and they become scared, then Peter says “Lord, if it is you, let me come to you,” and Jesus calls him to come. The Peter walks on water story.

But the end of the story is when Peter’s faith wavers as he gets scared causing him to sink. Remember that? It’s here, anyway, if you’d like to read the full text.

I always remembered this story. I remember Bible stories pretty well because as a child I read Children Bible volumes, with the most beautiful illustrations. This one was very familiar mostly because it’s easy to relate to Peter. Peter always screws up, he says the wrong things, he’s stubborn and so flawed. I’ve always related to Peter, and this story reminds me why.

I had a crappy-ish week. I woke up late, I screwed up part of my MCR, I didn’t quite get the permission I needed to crash a class for the upcoming week. I was irritable, I was relatively unhappy with everything. I tried to keep my cool, I had faith that things would work out.

Then they didn’t and I was even more upset. On Saturday night I was ridiculously miserable. So, what did I do? I wrote that blog post and prayed for a win. I just needed a win and God helped. I managed to cover the 3 catheterisations I needed to do, I was able to pass the forms needed. I felt so much better walking back to my apartment after that.

The part of the Peter walks on water story that always stuck with me was the part where he starts to sink and he calls out for Jesus. The next line in any translation of this text is ‘Immeadiately, Jesus was there” or “suddenly, the Lord was there” and He helped Peter. I always forget that we only need to ask and that He provides. 

“O you of little faith, why did you doubt?”


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