a tad bit glum

While I sit in my room, with B.O.R.N. To Style playing in the background, I feel dreadfully miserable. I really do believe my hormone levels are out of control right now. You know that part in New Girl, when Jess absolutely loses it at everything? That episode? Yeah, that’s me right now. 

Okay. I am trying to feel better.

By the time this post goes up, I would have made my way to the Urology Clinic to do catheterisations. Based on the log book we have to complete as a Year 3 student, I must do 3. And because of the mess of a schedule I have to deal with now, I have to go tomorrow. I kinda regret buying my flight tickets because of it but it’s my birthday on Friday, and I am going back. 

I need a win after the week I’ve had. I just really need a win.

I hope I am better enough to write a post later today to tell you that I am.



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