My MCR went well. So to speak that is. I spent quite a few hours being jittery and scared but by the grace of God and the intercession of friends, family and St. Joseph of Cupertino, I made it through. 15/20. That’s not too bad, really. I say this every single time but I am determined to be more prepared for my medical MCRs. Supposedly those are far harder than the surgical ones, so fingers crossed that I sort out my brain for that.

I have been feeling really crappy lately. I guess it’s a mixture of exam anxiety and feeling like I’m not good enough for anything. I spent a week at home, which always makes me very sentimental. I wish I had a better grip on my emotions but I have yet to master it in the 21 years of being alive. I got scolded in the wards yesterday because I helped a patient move out of bed, when he wasn’t suppose to. It’s not great for your self-esteem that’s basically plummeting by the second, when an attending and the Sister in charge shouts at you. I just wanted to crawl into a hole and die. 

Naturally that was not a viable option.

so, I did what I do I best and went back home to feel miserable about life. I had my exam a few hours after that. Thankfully I wasn’t so crappy at that. God was good. God is always good.

I am grateful for surviving it. Thank you for the good vibes my lovelies. I really appreciate it.


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