A dose of inspiration



If you know me, you’d know that I’m a big fan of inspirational stuff. I read Lean In, I love listening to TED talks, I read a lot of self-help books because I thrive on being inspired. One of my life goals to inspire people, make a change, make an impact (Augustus Waters much?).

If you know me well enough, you may know that I really like Charlie Day. I watched Pacific Rim because of Charlie Day (And Charlie Hunnam and Ron Perlman. I’m an SoA girl after all). You may recognise him from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia or Horrible Bosses. This guy is hilarious and does this high pitched screechy voice so well. I’m a fan.

Here’s Charlie Day giving a commencement speech, something you’d never think would happen:

The main point of the whole speech is the last few minutes. Charlie Day took risks to become the comedic success he is today. And good on him for that. “People always say that you should do what makes you happy. But a lot of this has been hard work and I wasn’t always happy. And I don’t think you should do what makes you happy, I think you should do what makes you great.”

You may think It’s Always Sunny is the most crass form of humour in the world but you cannot deny that his speech has many excellent points.

Success is so subjective. I do believe in people putting themselves out there and going after the “big things” but sometimes, being successful where you are in life is just as fantastic. The principle of Opus Dei founded by St. Josemaria Escriva speaks of this in it’s simplest form: doing your best in your daily life, giving your all where you are in life. You do not have to do large deeds in order to serve your purpose here on Earth. One of my favourite bloggers, Garance writes about this beautifully here.

I posted this because I needed a pick me up, I get easily disheartened. It’s always good to have a spoonful of inspiration on a daily basis to keep you moving in the right direction. I hope it has helped you.


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