of the slightly mental nature

I love when Verily magazine has similar thoughts to mine. Here’s what they had to say about Thor being a woman now, a far more articulate version of what I wrote here.

Coming back to class is terrible when you’re sleep deprived and mostly cranky all the time. I had a long day and I had to crash for an hour plus when I came back. I have no idea why but I really lacked sleep during the one week break. It’s ridiculously unfair. Instead of being all perky and gung-ho, I just want to sleep in constantly.

I have a very real but slightly crazy question to ask you:

Do you believe in mermaids?

Or the Loch Ness monster?


I kinda do. It’s completely wacky to say but my group mates and I were discussing this over lunch and somehow, we came to a consensus that yes, we all pretty much believe that these weird creatures may exist. It freaks me out because I have very real thalassophobia. But if there’s so much of the sea undiscovered, what makes you think these creatures don’t exist? Who knows? Mermaids may be more fish-like than we know! We may just assume they look more humanoid but WHO KNOWS? If there is a salamander that looks like this:

Who’s to say mermaids aren’t just weirdly twisted versions of that? WHO’S TO SAY?

There is a reason this video from Pirates of the Carribean: On Stranger Tides scared me so much I didn’t swim for a few months:

As you can see, sleep deprivation looks good on me.



2 thoughts on “of the slightly mental nature

    1. I think I have said it before (and I always keep saying it), those things freak me out. They look like little water babies. But slightly creepy. THOSE EYES!


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