I am half asleep

As you can probably tell by now, my writing has its good days and its bad. There are days when I constantly churn out stuff and can’t keep it all in because I somehow have a lot to say. But then there are days when I get so stumped that all I see is this:


It’s not easy when you have nothing to say but you’re committed to babbling about something. I wonder if this reflects in my own life. I can’t even think of HOW that would fit.

I have an MCR on Wednesday. I have to make sense of my Chest Trauma- Pulmonary presentation and wrap my mind around my Critical Appraisal of a Study of Harm. sigh. Sure, it sucks more because I actually wasted a few days of my holiday but hey, I actually got stuff done, okay? That deserve a prize. Or something.

My flight is nearer than I want it to be. I wish my break was longer. But I’ll be back home for my birthday in 2 weeks!



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