stand up for you


If you follow me on Twitter (hey, it’s plug!) you probably saw my tweets about waiting at the bank on Wednesday. For 2 hours and 15 minutes. I swear, by the end of it, I wanted to claw my face off. If you’re lucky enough to be graced (mwahaha) by my opinions through Whatsapp or text, you’d have probably seen the worst of it (thanks Mel, love ya).

What I’m driving at is this: Patience is a real thing. I blogged about this a few days ago (dang, I’m on a role with all these plugs) but what I forgot to mention was that THERE IS A FREAKING LIMIT. I hated waiting for 2 hours plus. It drove me insane. I got so annoyed with everything. Sure, at first I was tweeting about how the lady beside me couldn’t take it but DAMN, I waited 2 hours plus. And for what?! A stupid bank statement. Just printing it would have simply taken 10 effing minutes (which it did, in the end). Why did I just sit there and waste most of my morning?

Here’s the deal guys: be patient. Patience is awesome. It builds character and the other stuff which I can’t think of right now. But damn it, if you are being patient and it’s wasting your time (2 EFFING HOURS), STOP. Stop being patient and stand up for yourself. Don’t be patient with things that are not worth your time, like waiting in a bank for something so freaking simple. Go up, make some noise. Ask (politely) if someone else can print the damn thing instead of just waiting there like a goody-two-shoes. I wish I had done it sooner.

Even when it comes to people you love: do not let people treat you like shit. It’s not fair to be bullied and made fun of or mistreated just because that person claims to be your soulmate or best friend or second cousin twice removed. 

Be patient when it counts, for things that matter. But not when it’s something that can be sped up and not reduce you to a permanent fixture. Never let your patience reduce you. Be patient but be smart. 


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