Five Obsessions

(If you have not noticed, I’m doing a new thing called Five Friday. I think it’s working, for me at least. I write about Five somethings every Friday, like Five Movies or Five Websites or for today, Five Obessions! So yes, Five Friday, get with the program)


Like so many people of the Internet, I have obsessions. And no, I’m not going to talk about how I’m obsessed with Tumblr or Tom Hiddleston. I’m gonna talk about Five Obsessions that most people wouldn’t associate with me. Here we go:

1. Craig Ferguson

He’s brilliant. I love him. One of my dreams in life is to watch him live but unfortunately, the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson is ending this year, so bummer. He’s so funny, to me at least. I really like the way he conducts his interviews. Supposedly there is no script and he never talks about the thing the person comes to promote. And he’s Scottish so you know, that does it for me. Look up Craig Ferguson on YouTube. Like his interview with James McAvoy, that’s a good one (shut up, Scottish vortex of charm guys). But here’s one of him and Jon Hamm that’s hilarious.

2. Online shopping

Maybe this isn’t that big of a surprise but I love online shopping. The fact that I could purchase something by just clicking makes me so high. I do this terrible thing where I look through a bunch of stuff, click ADD TO CART but then never click PURCHASE at the end. I think it’s a problem. I’m probably a shopaholic. Oops.

3. Chai latte

Gah. I love Chai Latte. I know chai means tea. And that’s it’s pretty stupid to call it Chai tea. But whatever, I love it. Whenever I’m back from JB, I buy a cup from Coffee Bean in the morning cause there’s actual parking near the place.

4. Boost


5. Hugs

I’m all for physical contact. No, not in a creepy way. I love to hug people. People don’t usually like hugs but I would hug the heck out of people. I hug my dog, my friends, my parents get the worst of my hugging tendencies. I hug pillars. I hug stuff, okay? Physical contact is my love language. And compliments. And gifts. Heck, I think I use the whole love languages stuff. But yes, hugging. I am obsessed with hugging.


2 thoughts on “Five Obsessions

  1. !!? I didn’t know about the chai latte and Boost ones!! O_O I am truthfully shocked (in a good way, of course). I just spammed read a number of your most recent posts. GOOD JOB OVERALL on the revamp (Y). Are you still in Subang? We can drive to CBTL in Taipan! Like, YOU DRIVE, I DRIVE. Like an adult thing. And meet up in adult places. And drink adult drinks. Like chai latte. XD Let me know! Your chai latte will be on me. To make up for my ‘exile’, of course. ^_^


    1. Hey! Sorry, I forgot to reply your text. Yes, I have been back for the past week but I’m going back tomorrow. There’s also the issue of me having a bunch of work to do so I can’t meet up, unfortunately. Our schedules didn’t match up. Next time, hopefully!


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