It’s kinda sad that the first time I step into a gurdwara it’s for final prayers in the funeral rites. The people were lovely, though I admit it was kinda awkward because we had to wait a good 2 hours till we could actually see my friend for 10 seconds to offer our condolences. But hey, it’s a funeral, waiting is not a big deal.

I spent most of my day with my housemate’s parents and her boyfriend because I hitched a ride for the funeral prayers. I always get a little bummed out at things like this because their family dynamic seems so normal and loving, and I come back to well, not a great time. I thought that having heard of so much loss in the world, we would come to understand how important it is to love one another. But clearly that information did not quite resonate with some people.

Tomorrow, I’m supposedly going to do ‘grown-up’ stuff like banking and driving places, which scares me but it’s part of life, right? I have 5 days till I go home, 7 days till my next MCR. Joy.


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