People don’t always change. Not even when you think they will. I always have this hope that when I come back up, when I come back home, that my family would always be cheerful, we’d laugh more, there’d be more happy times. But that’s the thing: you can’t expect people to change; you just have to change the way you react to stuff.

I have this belief that if I hoped enough, if I prayed enough, things would be better. But if I fall back to old ways, how can I expect those I love to become any more different? I’m not saying that people are static blocks that are immune to change. People do change, they may see things differently but a lot of the time, whatever that makes us inherently.. ‘us’ doesn’t change. Stubborn behaviour remains stubborn behaviour, people can get careless with relationships. It happens.

We just need to adjust.

In other news, Hercules was actually a nice movie. I went in expecting a ‘300-esque’ type blood bath but it was quite tame and a good laugh. Decent enough to spend an afternoon.


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