simple words

noneJust a few more days till I can go back home. My sleep cycle has really been off. I wake up exhausted and on Monday night, I woke up 3 times. I am literally a zombie. It does not help that I feel more irritable than usual. Home is so near yet so far right now. Another full day of classes, a slightly more relaxed Thursday and then home on Friday evening. I truly look forward to it.

Today, I have gained an appreciation for the word ‘patience’. I have unfortunately not been able to hold my tongue from throwing a biting comment. Another friend started sulking because of reasons that are actually pretty hurtful, when looked at from her point of view.

Being patient has never been my strong suit. I am an IED waiting to explode at any moment. It’s difficult for me to take a breath when I am pushed to a certain limit (or when I am terribly sleep deprived). Especially now when answers come so easily with simple clacking of the keyboard, I’m not surprised my patience threshold has reached a new level of ‘low’.

But patience is so important in achieving anything. I’m pretty sure we’ve all said something in the spur of the moment that we want to shove back into our throats, or done something in a hurry that we wish we had slowly planned out, or made a decision too quickly because we simply couldn’t wait. How many times have those worked out?

I need to learn to step back, breathe and think things through. If only it was easier done than said.


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