When I woke up and read the news this morning, my heart sank. But I didn’t realise that it would hit much closer to home.

The flight from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur was shot down over Ukraine hours ago, 295 victims most of which were Dutch. I remember feeling horrified that another MAS airline plane had come up in the news under such chilling circumstances. I retweeted a piece of news and I went to class.

At 8 something in the morning, my housemate texted me with news I never expected to hear: One of her group mates’s, a friend of ours, father was on that flight. He left in the wee hours of the morning to be with his mother. This friend had not seen his dad for the past few months because he worked overseas. He was just talking about how excited he was to go back home to see his parents a few days ago. I felt so nauseous. 

When news like this gets told, you often are able to separate yourself from it because ‘I am not so personally affected’ but when a friend loses a parent, it becomes all too real. 

Pray for the families of those that were killed. Innocent lives, all of them, all returning home, all going for a holiday, all with no malicious intent. Pray for their souls and pray that justice may be served in this tragedy.


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