just an update on the update

With regards to posting here, I think I’ll work out a system where the daily posts will be published at the same time every day, but if there are additional ones, they’ll just be random. I think that’s a far more organised way to do things here.

First of all, if you’re rolling your eyes right now, you have every right to because I get that it sounds kinda obnoxious. But I am doing it for 2 main reasons:

1. Commiting to writing every day has helped me maintain some sort of sanity and been a fixed goal for me. I know at the start of the year, I promised myself that I would do a bunch of things and unfortunately, as always, I broke this rule a few times. But there is nothing wrong with trying the same thing again and again, as long as it is for a positive reason. I do this because I enjoy it, it’s therapeutic and if it helps me be more disciplined in some sense, yay.

2. People actually read this blog. It may surprise you, and myself, but there are actual views that aren’t from me so, I thought it would be good if I provided some consistency for them. I do appreciate every LIKE or comment you leave behind, it’s nice to hear feedback.


Posts shall go up at 5am my time and if you’re somehow subscribed to get a notification each time I post something, you’ll start getting them at whatever 5am is in your timezone. So, yes, I hope that makes some sort of sense to you. ‘See’ you tomorrow!
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