check and balance

Overcoming temptation is such a difficult thing. It’s a day to day battle for me. The temptation to pick up a bad habit, the temptation to sleep in, to not exercise. The list can go on and on.

Today I’m attempting to squash each temptation to .. fall for temptation (that was terrible wordplay). I woke up later than I should have, so that was a bad start (-1). I was tempted to skip breakfast but I didn’t, thankfully (+1). I had an actually healthy start to my day, made it to class on time and sat through 2 hours of Pathology even though all I really wanted to do was sleep. I did not stay up for the World Cup but I was exhausted. I look forward to sleeping in a little bit this Saturday. 

I had a reasonable lunch and ate an apple and whole bunch of mangosteens because I have this pile of fruits that I must get through by the 25th of July (Hari Raya break, y’all!!). So bonus points for snacking on a bunch of fruits (+1). I dragged myself from my nap and did my exercise for the day though all I wanted to nap the afternoon away (+1). After the lecture, we went to McDonalds (terrible, I know) for dinner so I only had a burger without the sides (+1), though I had a small ice-cream (-1). 

I did my revision for the first time in a long time, with actual notes that are colour coded (+1) and prevented myself from indulging in this terrible habit I have been trying to curb by distracting myself (+1). So, in the end, I’ve come up on top with a few slip-ups in my day. Fingers crossed that I have better start tomorrow. 

In other news, I am so excited to go back for the one week break because I have this package coming (Macaroni is receiving it for me because she’s awesome that way) and I can’t wait to get it. Also, I am in desperate need of a new hairband because I broke mine. And new sneakers since mine have a flapping base now (yes, I have used them to their fullest extent that they’re breaking apart. 11 days more of exercise with worn out shoes!)


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