Rubbed raw and reeling

Today’s exam was hellish to say the least.

I got a good mark, don’t get me wrong but the patient I had to interview was completely uncooperative. He was the sort of patient that I would avoid talking to, or at least would have approached in some other way over a few days, if I had to. Not when I was given 7 minutes. Not when he was in pain and very angry.

After a few minutes of trying to take history, he chased me away. My examiner told me to “go back and get the information”. I went back only to be yelled at for the next 4 minutes. I kid you not. I managed to get a teensy bit more of his medical condition but most of all, I got an earful of how much he hates being asked questions.

It’s the worst feeling, getting blasted by a stranger. I kinda wanted it to be over as soon as possible. He was irritable to say the least, so I thought I was going to fail my exam. I barely had any information. I almost cried when time was up.

Thankfully, my examiner wasn’t too harsh on me. I got the diagnosis, I had a rubbish history to report but I got the diagnosis. And I was thankfully able to answer some of the questions he asked. But apart from that, it was a terrible time. I can only chalk it up to God’s providence that I managed to get through it.

I spoke to my parents today. The factory where the clinic is situated is slowly closing down. People are getting laid off by the hundreds. I can only feel bad for them. It’s a terrible situation to be in, no? A lot of them are foreign workers who came all the way here to find a living but they sent back, naturally without much severance pay. Always be grateful for what you have, my dears. A lot of people have it much worse.


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