of inappropriate morgue humour

I managed to get to attend the autopsy today. Aside from the mini-housemate drama that’s gone along with that, it was a highly memorable event. We waited for over an hour, almost 2, to go into the autopsy room. We were told to wear shoe covers, a mask, hair cap thing and an apron in case of any blood splatter.

Seeing the body itself did not freak me out. I have attended funerals, I have seen dead bodies. I didn’t really have a paralysing fear that the body would wake up but people genuinely look like they’re asleep when they’re dead. It’s unnerving. The deceased was a woman who passed away yesterday so there was no decomposing stench that one would assume there would be. This is not an episode of Bones or CSI.

What disturbed me the most was seeing her face. Once they made the incisions to the scalp and pulled it over to reveal the skull, I could dissociate myself from it but when they had to stitch everything back, it became too real again. I can look at organs at any time, I can see them taking out the brain, the guts, the uterus.. anything. But seeing the face just got to me.

Another uncomfortable aspect was when the pathologist sawed through her skull to get to the brain. It wasn’t the sound or the idea of the situation but the smell. The smell of flesh+bone being grinded up together was not pleasant at all. I can’t quite describe it but it was…something.

The autopsy took slightly over an hour but you don’t feel it. I participated in my own way, their gloves were bloodied so they needed someone to label certain casettes (that’s what they’re called) for the tissue specimens to be sent to the lab. My handwriting is going to be part of this case.

All in all, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. I had this mental freakout before we went in, as I always do in situations like this. I have to freak out before I can be any form of calm later on. It helps to get the nerves out. While we were waiting, a few of them kept saying how slow the process was that they could ‘die’. It’s the worst pun ever in that situation. A lot of talk about how hungry people were while waiting, that’s mostly because most of us didn’t eat much for breakfast, or at all, in case we go nauseous.

So yes, autopsy done. Another hurdle completed for this year.

In a completely irrelevant matter, I lost another text book. I just want to scream my head off. I am so sick of losing everything again and again. I lost one book previously and had to get a brand new one. Now, I lost another. Are we serious right now? Am I so ridiculously careless that I lose BOOKS?



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