I’m not in the best of moods, so I decided to compile a list of things I like, for no apparent reason apart from the fact that I need to feel better right now. These are things that people may not necessarily associate with me but are true:

1. The colour pink
People would say that pink is an overtly feminine colour that’s thrust upon young girls since birth, and while that may be true, there is nothing wrong about liking pink. It’s kinda weird but my phone is pink, my laptop cover is pink, my mechanical pencil is pink, my room wall that I self painted is a shade of pink. Pinks, reds and purples are my favourite colours.

2. Country music
How weird is it that a Malaysian girl with absolutely no ties to America enjoys country music? Billy Currington, Florida Georgia Line, Thomas Rhett. I know, it’s peculiar but their songs are so catchy. Country music, country-pop or folk music in general is soothing and honest.

3. Southern accents
I love Hart of Dixie for that reason. Hearing a good Southern accent makes me so happy. I love the twang of it, the melody in their voice. It’s adorable. I’m also partial to Scottish or Irish accents (Helen!).

4. Lilly Pulitzer prints
Have you seen them before? Do yourself a favour and go to the Lilly Pulitzer official site and gaze upon the neon/crazy bright artwork. I love the vibrancy of it. There is no way you can wear a Lilly Pulitzer print and not feel like sunshine and joy. I would think that it’s pretty impossible.

5. This song.

It’s called De Horizon by Nick & Simon. It’s not in English, I have not even looked up what they’re singing about but I just like the way it sounds. It’s really good.

Okay. This was just a therapy session for me to make myself feel better. I just got ticked off for no real reason this evening. I need to get my temper in check. Gah. Anyway, I may go for an autopsy tomorrow morning so, I may talk about that tomorrow. Look forward to the gory details.

One more thing: I hope you have a good day/evening/night. Remember to keep your head up and that there is always another day ahead. xx


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