There hasn’t been pictures on this blog because I have been using my Instagram account for that. I have stepped away from CSJB for the past week and it has been absolutely rejuvenating. First of all, amazing internet speed. I think I will weep once I go back to the rickety-there-not-there connection I have in my apartment. Ugh.

This past week has fed my soul a whole lot more than I can explain. I have my family here: my parents, my brother, my beautiful four legged darlings and my best friends. There is the comfort of the walls I painted myself, the solid oven I can bake with and the enjoyment of using electricity without worrying too crazily about the bill. I love being at home. I am that sort of person.

I drove the car out to do banking and went further than I usually go, to an area crowded with traffic to get my parcel from the post office. I have new glasses and a Cambridge satchel. I bought colourful Birkenstocks because they are comfortable and not as hideous as the usual kind. I bought a few things for my room in JB from IKEA and am now the proud owner of a navy blue Cardiology III stethoscope from Littmann (better to hear heart murmurs with). I have scrubbed the house clean, I have cooked dinner for my family, I have enjoyed the company of my best friends and rolled around with Lulu. There is nothing quite as blissful.

I love home. I have 6 days more here. I don’t want to leave but that’s life, right? We are forced to do the things we don’t quite want to so we can get where we need to be.


all roads

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