I’m gonna pop some tags

Welcome to my Haul post. I’m not one for videos ala Lydia Bennet but here’s what I’ve received in the mail so far.

This bag is from a great vintage thrift store called Nifty Thrifty (they’re having a 70% sale right now, so go get something!) I really needed a reasonable sized bag instead of the one I bring to class, that I could use for church or just going out for a meal. I really like the way they packaged it, it’s really cute. And the I HEART VINTAGE sticker! And the US Postal Service provided regular updates about the status of the package, which was really thoughtful. 🙂


The next thing that arrived is my Paul Smith ‘Rose’ perfume. I bought it from Lazada, that shipped it pretty promptly. I really like Paul Smith’s work. I remember watching one of those ‘Behind the Scenes’ thing on HGTV where they interviewed him and asked about his daily routine. He wakes up every morning at 5am and goes for a swim. That is freaking dedication, especially at his age. You should look up his interviews on YouTube. That man is a legend. ‘Rose’ is not overpowering or overly heavy. It does smell like a rose and lucky for me, I love flowers.

I’m only waiting on another package, I cancelled another because of shipping issues (it was local, by the way). So, I didn’t spend as much as I thought I did, haha.

In other news, I passed my MCR exam. Now one more week till I fly home. 🙂


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