Once more unto the breach, dear friends

I have my MCR tomorrow. What’s an MCR? It’s this test we have where we meet a tutor in the ward, they point to a patient and we either do a physical examination or take a history. I have to do a physical examination tomorrow and I am terrified. I was suppose to do it last week but my tutor forgot, so yeah.

In order to make something go well, you have to go in with the right mindset right? And one way to do that is by wearing the right clothes that make you feel comfortable.

Tomorrow, my chosen battle gown is in the above picture: My favourite top (it has swans!) and trousers (yes, I have favourite trousers), and my favourite shoes (not pictured). Hopefully that will help. (Sherlock fans will get the reference of the caption).

Please send me positive thoughts. I do hope to return to report that I have gotten a much better mark that I did last time.

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