Someone take Paypal away from me. Or at least my debit card. In the last few days, I have racked up a number of purchases, none of which I regret but still, damn it, I have to stop online shopping. Sure, it genuinely is my “hard earned” money but I need to stop. The worst part is that I know why I keep clicking the “CONFIRM PURCHASE” button: I’m stressed. And being sad either makes me want to sleep all the time or cry all the time and now, shop all the time. Seriously, I have a problem.

Exams in a week, MCR in a few days, and home (!) in 2 weeks. I cannot wait to hug my Lulu. I was kinda worried when I first got her that I’d be this ‘absentee parent’ that rarely misses her but damn it, I’m attached to my dogs. I’m attached to my whole family in general. Home for 2 weeks in 2 weeks. I am counting the days.

Also the days to when the stuff I bought arrives. hah.



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    1. I’m terrible. >< haha, I'll definitely be posting pictures as they come. Nothing much really but they add up in the end: Marc Jacobs and Paul Smith perfume, one bag, new cover for my phone cause mine cracked. I think that's it. hahahah.


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