Letter from home

“Hai Girl,

Hope you are fine and in good health . Well, as for us, its the usual. scenario. Aaron and his usual disappearing act, your dad and his antics, the dog and their antics and there is me-in my usual tying to keep it positive alternating with different emotions. Just the usual home scenario.
 I hope you are putting effort in your study. You know, we cant afford for you to resit any year as you are well aware of out situation. I only pray that your dad can keep his health in check(physically and mentally) until you graduate. His crankiness and …… can sometimes be overwhelmingly taxing .. Anyway, I will start fasting every Friday for your studies and every Tuesday for your dad’s health.
Remember that i always love you and miss your company. the only consolation for me is that you are doing something worthy for your future.
 love you
Tell me how I’m not suppose to be wrecked with guilt. Tell me how I’m not suppose to be crying right now.

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