An injured spleen.

A left breast from a radical mastectomy.

A rectum.

An appendix.

I held those organs today. I cannot explain the sheer adrenaline of touching REAL organs. Organs that came out of living human beings. Parts of people, tissue that was once alive.

I had a pathology lab visit today. It took 2 hours in total but boy, those hours flew by. I am absolutely in love with dead body parts. It is the most exciting time I have had in the last 11 weeks in Year 3. Can you imagine holding a spleen? One that’s only been in fomaline for 24 hours? We got to see the whole process of how their analyse these specimens once they’ve been removed. It’s so fascinating. And I am so grateful to my A-levels Biology teacher who was the best science teacher I have ever had. I actually remembered the process of creating a slide for microscopy, impressing my pathology tutor today because of her. Thank you, Miss Nesa, your teaching has stuck after all these years.

Anyway, pathology is amazing. REAL organs. And you see how tedious it is to create each slide, to look through every part. They’re basically butchers but fascinating ones. I have never felt more alive than when I was watching them work. I wish we did autopsies/had cadavers in Year 1 and Year 2. I’d probably be far more into medicine if we did. I’m a tactile person, I need to DO to understand.

But yes, pathology is really, really cool. I have a profound respect for them now.


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