I had a long day. I’ve had a few long days. But instead of writing about how drained I have been, I want to write about a miracle.

My dad went to church today.

For the first time since I can remember, he went to church. I am so happy. I am actually crying. But happy tears, you know? I am so happy over it, it’s ridiculous. Today is Maundy Thursday, and approximately 17 years since my father has gone for mass. My father isn’t Catholic, nor is a Christian, not really. He has never been baptised, he does not go to church, but he prays at home. He has this little book of prayers that he does more regularly than I do. My father grew up with Catholic boys as his neighbours, his best friend is Catholic but one of those lukewarm ones. He knows Catholics, he married one, his nuclear family subscribe to this faith.

The only time I remember him going for mass was my baptism. I was baptised as a young child, about 5, not as a baby like so many others. At that time, our roots in church were very strong. My mother taught Sunday School, we were active in church activites and we were close to the congregation. My mother planted those seeds and insisted that her children be baptised. My father came for that mass, probably because he kinda knew the church-family we were joining officially.

But ever since then, he has never gone for mass. My mother’s biggest dream since.. forever, has been for my dad to come to church. She has prayed for this day for a very long time, we have prayed for this day. I know it probably doesn’t mean a lot.. doesn’t mean anything for those of you who don’t practise a religion. But to me, this means the world. Him willingly coming to church, him actually attending mass without coercion, without feeling like he HAS to.. that’s a miracle. That’s an Easter miracle for me.

I am hundreds of kilometers away from them but this news makes me feel like they are right here with me, at this moment. My brother thinks he should buy lottery tickets tomorrow because this event is that major for us.

My father went to church.

I cannot even.


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