I am fairly thankful that I am not a pretty girl. After much observation of friends and their relationships, being lovely has clearly had this terrible connotation that one has to be on guard with being friends with the opposite sex. One friend even went as far as to say “I am glad that being friends with ___ (a guy who’s sexuality is an old but popular topic), I never have to worry that he might fall in love with me.” This same friend has been sought after by 2 other guys in our batch both which she’s struggled to maintain platonic relationships with.

Another pretty friend, let’s call her Z, does this strange thing where she morphs into a slightly meaner version of herself when her boyfriend is around. There’s more judgement, more sarcasm, more mean spirited talk. Do relationships change you into the better version of yourself? Or the truer one?

I truly do not know. It is best that I am outside this sphere where complications occur. It’s very sad though, truly, it is.


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