83/365- Momo and her mama 🙂

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  1. =w= dat stoopid face, asking for food, sho stoopid *reduces into mama-mode gushes and shameless baby mumblings* =w=

    Funny coincidence, i also bought a sisterhood book while spending my vouchers :3 also why second copies of Going Postal and Making Money?


    1. Which Sisterhood book? The one I got is the latest, with all of them grown up. It was pretty intense.

      My copies of those Terry Pratchett books have gone missing, since the last time I called you about them. So yup, had to re-buy.


      1. “Sisterhood Everlasting”. Same one, right? 🙂 Haven’t gotten around to reading it yet, though. Found it at the Big Bad Wolf sales 2 weeks ago, just knew I had to take it, even if I can’t clearly remember what I read in the first 4 books anymore.

        This is a line from the cover synopsis: “Despite having jobs and men that they love, each knows that something is missing: the closeness that once sustained them.” I can’t emphasize on how much I totally relate to this, especially after finally meeting and actually talking with you and Mel last week, which is also coincidentally exactly a week after I bought the book!! XD

        Love you Gracie. And Mel and Raerae too. We may have changed a lot and developed personally during, as you aptly word it, the ‘months and years wedged in between’, but that instant *click* was still there. it was just missing/couldn’t be found/blocked when we were all weathering our own obstacles and challenges in different corners of the world. I’m sorry for the time I was away and not being a good bestie. I was really really really happy to be able to meet and talk with you again after so long. And still am. ^^


      2. That’s what real friendship is right? Being able to pick up where you left off? It’s so good that the four of us still have that, it makes me so happy. 🙂

        And Jessics Lee Yenn, that book, gah, I AM SO SORRY for not warning you sooner that it would make you cry at 3am in the morning. But finish it. You’ll be glad you did.


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