Salad and spaghetti for lunch. Probably the simplest things one can cook but it’s considered a big deal for my housemate and I because this is the 2nd thing we’ve cooked in our place. Sure, I’ve cooked upstairs in the penthouse but cooking in your own place feels different. We’ll be cooking dinner later and fingers crossed, that will turn out good.

I managed to clerk 3 patients this morning, bringing my total up to 4. I need to interview 5 per week, so I’ll go back tomorrow and see if there are any new admissions. The more I get, the better because I’m going back next weekend (THANK GOODNESS) so, I can retain some for the week ahead.

Melanie has officially started class today so everyone go send her good vibes. She took some time out to figure out her own mind and teach kids, which I think is a very brave step. But stepping back into learning is an even braver one. I’m very proud of her for making the best choices for herself. It’s easy to just do what your family wants you to or what you believe would be considered ‘normal’. It’s so much more difficult to step back and reexamine yourself, so I admire her completely for doing that. Good on you, Macaroni.


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