I will be posting up the photos of the day thing in a few hours, when I’m free-er. I DO have the photos, don’t worry. Something else has been on my mind lately. I have this member of my subgroup who’s been isolating herself from the rest of us because she feels.. I don’t know what she feels. Maybe we don’t interact with her enough. Maybe we’ve been too mean. Maybe we’re too loud for her. I don’t know anymore. It’s gotten quite serious because she doesn’t want to talk to us about it and she told me “talking won’t change anything”. 

The last time I was in something as dramatic as this, I was in PRIMARY SCHOOL. For goodness sakes, come right out and tell us that we’re being too mean. Or that we’ve crossed the line. I hate being in this kind of mess all over again. I thought being in your 20s meant that you were old enough to talk things through. I have learned a long time ago that being passive aggressive about things and shutting it all in when you need to work in a group can only lead to disaster. 

I’m torn between feeling like i should give a her a shake and scream GROW THE HELL UP and feeling like a total monster for causing her to feel uncomfortable in the first place. 😦


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