So someone called me beautiful today.

And it is not a good thing.

I went out for dinner with my housemate and her boyfriend, third wheeling it, when this old man in charge of the parking area near the shop called me beautiful when I got out of the car. I was slightly alarmed but hey, someone called me relatively pretty, so I’ll take it. We went in, the other two laughed about my “fan” and it was okay.

Then we were leaving and it got straight up creepy.

The same guy said he can’t help but stare at me. And called his eyes “naughty”. I went into the car as fast as I could because I was uncomfortable. My housemate and her boyfriend started screaming with a mix of shock and laughter and told me that the creepy guy blew a kiss to me from the outside.

I feel so revolted by it.

I don’t know, I’m not the kind of person who can deal with creeps like that. It just makes me skin crawl. And want to own a gun. It’s a funny story to hear when you’re not the ‘target’ of it. Rae Wae told me to never go back to the shop, while we discussed it over Skype, and honestly, I think I’ll avoid going there unless I’m with my guy friends or something. Because it was disturbing. I am genuinely creeped out by that sort of behaviour.

ugh. men.

You may think I’m overreacting but it is genuinely disturbing. Do men not understand how pig-headed their behaviour is, and how terrifying it can be for a girl? It’s not nice. It’s never nice to get cat-called on the streets, or be leered at. Every movie, every TV show where women approve of that behaviour.. I really don’t understand it. In what universe is being ogled a good thing? In what time would such behaviour be condoned and considered acceptable?

I spoke to my brother on the phone after sending him a message about the whole thing: he called me, mildly amused and asked me to repeat the whole thing to him. Before I was half way done, he was seething. I was grateful for the overprotectiveness on his part. I am grateful that someone felt rage on my part, instead of amusement. I know it may seem hilarious at the moment, but damn it, it is not. AT. ALL.

If you’re a guy and you’re reading this, please be aware that there are certain DOs and DON’Ts when complimenting someone. There’s a fine line between being sweet and being a total creep. Tread on that very carefully.


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