I have a colleague (haha, colleague) who’s working on the weekends at this coffee shop opposite Galleria so my housemate and I popped over after lunch today. And I had my first cup of coffee ever. I am not a coffee drinker, not fancy coffee or straight black coffee. But since we were there, I thought why not. So based on her recommendation, I ordered a latte.

I don’t like coffee. Is that terrible to say? I’m not a coffee person. I like the hint of coffee but straight-up coffee, it’s not me. We ordered an affogato (and got extra ice-cream, haha) which turned out nice. See, I can handle a shot of coffee. A whole cup? I’ll pass.

Moving down to JB has forced me to socialise more. I’m actually going out tonight to learn to play mahjong. See, Grace is “living”. My brother would be so proud.

In sadder news, thoughts to the poor families of the passengers on MH370. Pray for those on the flight and for those waiting for news. I never want to know this horror. 😦


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