I like Lent. It may seem a little ridiculous but I do. There is something nice about making your Lenten promises and sticking to them. It’s like an opportunity to do resolutions for God, for the betterment of your soul. If you’d like some ideas, Lifeteen has a bunch that I really like: Here are the CREATIVE IDEAS and here are the WEIRD IDEAS.

This year, I’m not so much “giving up” stuff than I am “putting in”.

1. Giving up meat for the duration of 40 days. So, pescetarian diet for the next month plus. My housemate is going to do it with me, so it’s nice to have company. She hasn’t done this before so, it’ll be more of a challenge for her.
2. Praying the rosary daily. I should be doing this but I keep putting it off.

3. Writing a thank you note to someone who has meant something to me/ changed my life in some way for 40 days. It’ll be a daunting task but I am up for it. If you hear from me asking for your address or something, you’ll know why.

4. Stop complaining so much and stop being negative. I really need to zip up and be grateful for things.

5. Take time to read the daily mass readings. I need to spend more time with God. I have been pushing my prayer life and my relationship with God to the corner for so long because of “classes”. But I really should learn to find a proper balance.

I have my first formative MCR today, so, yeah, I’ll be going with a cross of ashes on my forehead. Hopefully my tutor will get it if she asks about it. Ash Wednesday mass at 6.30am, so I’m gonna be up at 5am. Oh well, start the day with the Lord!


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