What is that called? Kuih Seri Muka if I’m not wrong. My colleagues who are also my neighbours managed to nick some from the conference they were having at uni today (not for students). It was good. I am always delighted by free food.

I have spent a few hours alone in the apartment and I have discovered that I am far more partial to living alone. I know it may seem a little creepy from time to time but all in all, I kinda prefer being alone. I have more freedom to wash clothes when I want, cook when I want, store things any way I like. It’s not like I’m at home where I can easily argue my way through things, living with “Strangers” equals a lot of compromise. My friend Marc (@selectricsheep on Twitter) tells me to move out constantly. I am often tempted by that prospect.

But I can’t. Affording your own place is difficult. In actuality, if I had moved into the penthouse (4 tenants at a time, common kitchen and living area, much larger rooms) I would probably be paying the same amount but with more space. But again, 4 tenants at the same time.. that could also be difficult.

I know, I sound very antisocial but I like my quiet time. I like the choice of just staying in. I like the choice of doing whatever I want, getting up whenever, cleaning the house whenever, not having to wait for everyone to agree on when to switch on the A/C or the washing machine. It would be easier. But living with people who aren’t your family is part of growing up, right? I need to do this, it’s a right of passage.

Well, let me tell you, the passage is narrow with spikes sticking out of the wall.


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  1. It’s an odd realization but once you’ve moved out and slowly build a separate life of your own away from family, while you can still go back & visit whenever, you can’t really “go home” anymore.. or at least that’s how i feel

    also the seri muka looks scrumptious :d maybe you could try making some as a weekend project XD


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