things that matter the most


It is 11-ish pm on a Thursday and I am tempted to stay up and wait for the new webisode of Emma Approved. I shall decide once I am done with this post.

Yes, I missed 3 days of pictures but I have been having a hectic time. I got burnt to a crisp by a tutor on Tuesday because he did not approve of my way of presenting a PCL/PBL case. I honestly almost lost my head there and then. I would have cried or thrown my shoe at him, really, that was how mad it got me. The humiliation of being torn to shreds by a tutor is one that I would not wish on any one else, especially in front of your 8 other peers. Thankfully it wasn’t just me, my fellow “team mate” got burnt too. Seriously though, there’s a reason we call him Anal now.

But apart from that things have been alright-ish. I ended up sleeping earlier than expected last night and had to miss a video call with my parents. I was so tired. I am always so tired. I have been taking those Coenzyme Q10 tablets but nothing has helped so far. I have been taking my Sangobion tablets too because I am slightly anemic but nope, nothing has made a difference. I think I shall sleep in on Saturday to see how much that helps.

I had a nice, long conversation on Skype with the young lady people used to call my “conjoined twin” and it was .. fantastic. It has been a really really really long time since I’ve had a 2 hour phone call with someone . I am grateful for that. I am grateful that we managed to plot and giggle and get sidetracked like we always did 9 years ago. NINE YEARS. Almost a decade! Once 2014 is over, it will be A DECADE. hah. It felt great. I am so glad for it. I have truly missed doing that. We have another call-date tomorrow and I am very much looking forward to it.

I wish I didn’t have to get up early tomorrow but I do. The afternoon will definitely be taken up with rewriting the cases I’ve clerked so far and the other bits and pieces of homework. Medical school: ugh. I hope you have a great day, dear reader.


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