Things that become clear when you’re feeling really bad.

1. Good friends are the best support.

I have great friends. I shouldn’t forget that. They may be near, they may be far but they love me all the same. I thank you for coping with my incessant rants about stress. You guys are my rocks. Especially if you’ve talked to me in the last 24-48 hours, really, no matter what we talked about, you have helped.

2. Sometimes letting go calms you down.

I had a severe anxiety attack on Saturday night and Sunday night. I was so overwhelmed by the work and I couldn’t cope with it. I didn’t finish a lot of it going into class today but God was good enough to hear my prayers. I don’t mean that you shouldn’t do your work and put things off as I did but sometimes if you stop and pray about it, or stop and just let the pieces fall, you can live with it.

3. Be kind.

It’s ridiculous that people tell me I’m nice when I am simply doing what others do for me. People want to appreciated and respected, so I try my best to do that. I slip up a whole lot, I snap or am sarcastic. But I try my best to hold my tongue and prevent myself from launching into a full verbal assault. It’s common sense for people to be nice when you are nice, no matter how bitter they are inside. It’s hard to be cruel when someone genuinely looks out for you. At least from my experience.

4. Be grateful.

I interviewed a patient today who had recurrent breast cancer. I felt like someone dropped an anchor into the pit of my stomach. Can you imagine how dreadful it must be for her, having battled it last year only to find out that it’s back? I cannot imagine how she must feel, it must be absolutely difficult. I am grateful that I am in .. well, relatively speaking.. the “pink of health”. I am grateful that my parents support me and talk to me. When I see these patients in the wards, I can’t help but feel terrible because some of them have no one most of the time.

5. Mistakes are part of life.

It’s alright to screw up. It’s alright to go through the crappiest time. It’s all ALRIGHT.


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