I am catching a flight back for the weekend (honestly, it’s just Saturday and part of Sunday) and I am glad to be going back. I do miss my dogs so much.

Today was a relatively okay day. I went to clerk more patients this morning and that consultant I mentioned in the last post was there again, leading rounds.. and I swear.. okay. Nope, not going to go there. I hate how ridiculously giddy I get. Damn getting crushes. Damn damn damn. Just when I thought I was over feeling like a child, I’m back here again. But intelligence is so attractive. That’s called sapiosexual right, being attracted to intelligence? I don’t know if I’m attracted to that IQ or if I am simply full of admiration and so, find myself drawn to people who know things about things.

Let’s not overthink this now, shall we?

So yes, I am going home for the weekend. I initially didn’t plan to buy the ticket because my family did come down last week but both my housemates were going out so I didn’t want to be left to my own devices here.. it’s kinda creepy, alone. A single day back home, I am grateful for it. Lulu, Max and Tiny, here I come. 🙂


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