Luke 4: 23


Joyce and I went for mass today and it was in English, finally. haha. We got the people from Streamyx to come over and check if moving the modem would help. I worry that they’ll cheat us because we’re naive students, but hopefully Eugene scaring TM on the phone is good enough to ward that off later. They’re supposedly arriving within the next hour to fix up the modem in a better location. I hardly get internet at night and internet is important, regardless whether it’s for me to talk to my parents or if it’s for assignments. I refuse to give up my privacy just for a certain person’s annoyance in spending money for moving the modem. It’s no fun staying with housemates that don’t always see things from your point of view. I kinda wish I was rich enough to afford to stay by myself but that’s wishful thinking really.

I’ve been sick here and my nose keeps running away. I hate having this cough and cold especially since I’ll be going to take histories from patients tomorrow onwards. Who wants to talk to someone who’s sick themselves?


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