Snapshots from Manila: Day 3

AKA 33/365

This is the only other picture apart from the one I already posted with flight instructions yesterday that I took on the 2nd of February.

Shot from my seat on the plane
Shot from my seat on the plane

I had to wake up at 3am because we needed to be at the airport by 4am. We ended up being there at 3.30 and having to wait till 4.40am, in line, out in the night, because the Air Asia staff were lagging behind, ugh. Flight at 7.20am and we arrived at 11.10am-ish. Then lunch, a bit of grocery shopping and my tearful journey to Johor Bahru.

The Philipines made me glad for what I have because there were kids sitting on the streets at 3am, people living out of trishaws, manic drivers and in general a significant difference between the rich and poor. And the tourists aren’t all nice either. There was this Caucasian man (no offense to any of my Caucasian friends because you know I cherish you all dearly) who was so incredibly rude to one of the sales people in the mall that I wanted to go bite his head off. There is no reason to snap at someone who was simply asking if you need any assistance.

Would I go back? Perhaps, to see proper sites and be brought around by a proper guide instead of this haphazard trip.


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